Alameda Point Site A Plan Amendment to be considered at 5/22 Planning Board Meeting

Alameda Point Partners (APP), the developer of Site A at Alameda Point, has been working diligently with the City of Alameda to deliver the project as the Bay Area continues to experience significant escalation in construction costs since execution of the DDA in 2015.

Working together, APP and the City have created a workable solution to this challenging cost environment that will maintain the integrity of the original development plan, while accelerating delivery of badly needed housing, including a proposal to deliver 70 moderate affordable units dedicated to teacher and AUSD employee housing.

Next Monday, May 22nd, the Alameda Planning Board will host a public hearing to consider approving this amendment to the Site A plan.

Please join us at the meeting. Your support is critical to help ensure plans for Site A at Alameda Point move forward.

For more information, the agenda and staff report are available here.

Alameda Point Site A Moving Through Planning Board Design Review

Since project approval by City Council last July, Alameda Point Partners has been working in earnest with the City to present designs for each parcel for Planning Board review.

This process, conducted as a series of workshops at Planning Board (and with other boards and commissions) since last December, will continue through Spring. Review past and upcoming staff reports and presentations here.

On Monday, March 14th, the City of Alameda’s Planning Board unanimously approved the final design review for Block 11, Block 8 and for phase one of a waterfront park along the Seaplane Lagoon as part of the Site A development at Alameda Point.  Block 8 includes a 130-unit affordable housing project for families and seniors, which will have approximately 3,500 square feet of community and amenity uses and an estimated 15,000 square feet of courtyard and roof deck space.  Block 11 consists of 221 multi-family residential units with 22,157 square feet of ground floor retail uses looking out over a “shared plaza.” The waterfront park along the northern edge of Seaplane Lagoon adjacent to the shared plaza will consist of 2.7 acres.


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